Income Tax and Taxable Income Calculator for AY 2014-15 (FY 2013-14)
For Individual and HUF Tax payers 
(As per Budget 2013-14 Proposed Income Tax Rates)
  • Calculate your Taxable Income by computing income from all sources viz. Salary and Allowances, House Property, Capital Gains, Income from other sources, Agriculture Income etc. You can also include income chargeable at Special Rate for computing the Taxable Income.
  • Calculate deductions available from the Taxable Income under various Sections of Income Tax Act.
  • Slab-wise details of Income and Income Tax payable.
  • Calculate Taxable Income, Income Tax, Tax Credit, Surcharge, Marginal Tax Relief and Education Cess Payable.
  • Calculate Income net of Income Tax Liability.
  • You can use this calculator as an aid to compile your tax return.
We have tried to make it the best and most comprehensive online Income Tax Calculator for Indian Individual and HUF Tax payers. Please send your suggestions and comments to enable us to make the calculator more useful.